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Salvador Gurrola-Rocha

Salvador Gurrola-Rocha


Mr. Gurrola-Rocha became a part of UNIFIED PARKING SERVICE, Inc., since 1994 when he started as a valet parking operator at 168 W. Colorado Blvd.,the Tanner Market Restaurant in Old Town Pasadena.  Mr. Gurrola-Rocha’s strongest asset was his customer service skills which were invaluable in a company that prides itself on being committed to service. “Being young, the first experience was great, driving all kinds of fancy cars and getting paid for it – Wow! states Mr. Gurrola-Rocha.  He has become very familiar with the Pasadena area and its many districts, understanding the historic culture of the town and communicating with business and restaurant owners and patrons while ,at the same time, accommodating those employees that have chosen to stay with us and build long- term careers. Mr. Gurrola-Rocha further states that he offers his hard and honest work, which in the beginning, did not go unnoticed, when he was promoted from a valet parking operator to a supervisory position and since then, has tried to follow in the company’s standards and values, and that, he believes, is his biggest contribution allowing him to manage over 38 locations.  Becoming part of the Unified Parking Service, Inc., family has in return given him feelings of security that he can count on for himself and his family.  Mr. Gurrola-Rocha looks ahead into the future with the organization, which he feels will be well interlaced with technology, a phenomenom he has witness in the company and the transformation it has brought from the way they communicate to the parking equipment.  “I can see myself learning and integrating myself into it to better this company and at the same time all of us along with it,” he finalized, pointing as well how teamwork is an essential pillar of the values of the company.

  • I just wanted to thank you for handling our parking last night for our event at the Belasco. Everything worked out perfectly with all three lots and we really appreciate your helping to make our event a success.
  • Unified Parking Service, Inc., has a well-organized operation, staffed with well-trained, neatly uniformed and courteous employees, who are continuously supervised by the area and operations management.
  • Unified's management has always conducted themselves in a professional and responsive manner. Unified's parking attendance are uniformed, courteous and well supervised.
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    Unified Parking Service, Inc., has been providing parking management at next to 117 E. Colorado Blvd. since November 1995. Their work is of the highest performance.