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Davood Rezazadeh

Davood Rezazadeh


Mr. Rezazadeh first started with UNIFIED PARKING SERVICE, Inc., in 1996 as a valet parking operator in Pasadena at the One Colorado valet station where he acquired his first parking skills.  He was, then, transferred to the Los Angeles area servicing the Mayan Club parking facility where he bacame familiar with the Club clientele and obtaining parking management skills.  Mr. Rezazadeh welcomed the change as Downtown Los Angeles was heading towards a re-birthing process allowing him to build a wealth of parking expertise.  In a city in which Japanese food, Mexican Heritage, Chinese events and vertical living space are all housed under the same city, Mr. Rezazadeh was quick to recognize that the parking service must be delivered in a way that best addresses the clients and their culture.  As a result, clients express the gratitude to work with someone who takes the time to understand the unique background of each customer adhering to the city’s demands and building a unique and loyal relationship.  Mr. Rezazadeh states that his biggest knowledge acquisition has been the understanding of “customer service”.  “It is all in how you serve”, Mr. Rezazadeh stated.  “I deal with landlords in Tokyo Town and they have one need and then I go to the Flower District or the Textile Industry and the parking needs are completely different, it is like being in different towns in Downtown Los Angeles”.  “The parking operators service a night club experiencing a large influx of cars at night, while at the same time, a basketball game may be serviced right across the street”, he continued.  Mr. Rezazadeh indicated that the parking business is hard work but that the mixture of cultures, businesses and vibrancy of the city makes it all worthwhile.  “The original mission of the company: Commitment to Quality Service” is best practiced in Downtown Los Angeles by treating everyone with respect and getting to know our customers  personalizing our service to address their unique parking situations”, concluded Mr. Rezazadeh.

  • I just wanted to thank you for handling our parking last night for our event at the Belasco. Everything worked out perfectly with all three lots and we really appreciate your helping to make our event a success.
  • Unified Parking Service, Inc., has a well-organized operation, staffed with well-trained, neatly uniformed and courteous employees, who are continuously supervised by the area and operations management.
  • Unified's management has always conducted themselves in a professional and responsive manner. Unified's parking attendance are uniformed, courteous and well supervised.
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    Unified Parking Service, Inc., has been providing parking management at next to 117 E. Colorado Blvd. since November 1995. Their work is of the highest performance.